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Abdelhamid & Co Certified Public Accountants & Auditors consider one of the licensed audit firms by the UAE Ministry of Economy holding license number 106 and is one of the licensed tax agencies by UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA), holding license number 30003958.

VAT and Excise Tax return compliance review service

We will help you meet your VAT and excise tax obligations, manage your tax risks and support your compliance needs.

VAT and excise tax registration and de-registration service

We will help you in the registration process until you will be registered.

VAT and Excise Tax return filing service

We will help you meet the important deadlines for tax return preparation.

VAT and Excise Tax reconsideration requests service

We will help you in submission of the reconsideration request by providing FTA the reasons and supporting documents.

VAT and Excise Tax voluntary disclosure service

We will help you notify the FTA of an error or omission in your tax return, tax assessment, or tax refund application.

VAT refund for building new residences of UAE Nationals

We will help you refund all VAT you paid if you are UAE citizen and you finished building your accommodation.

External audit service

We will help you to enhance the degree of confidence in your financial statements.

Tax agency service – Tax agent

We will help you take the control over your company’s tax strategy and confidently manage your tax.

Internal audit service

We will help you make improvements in your internal control and process efficiency environment.

Company liquidation service

We will help you in understanding the position you are in, your options and the process of your company’s liquidation.

Forensic audit report for fraud and commercial disputes service

We will help you examine and evaluating your entity’s financial records to derive evidences that can be used in a UAE courts, police or public prosecutions.

Forensic audit report for tax disputes service

We will help you take immediate and decisive action that can help prevent, detect and respond to potentially contentious or harmful situations of tax disputes.

Data analytics using CAATs for fraud and anomalies detection service

We will help you handle the massive quantities of information to spot anomalies track trends and possible fraud.

Cloud accounting and bookkeeping service

We will help you make your business more efficient by enhancing the availability function of the financial information for the decision makers.

Financial statements compilation service

We will help you compile the financial statements using information supplied.

Business valuation service

We will help you understand the value of your business so you can make the most optimal decisions.

Welcome to Abdelhamid & Co Certified Public Accountants & Auditors, a trusted audit firm in the UAE. We provide a wide range of services, including auditing, accounting, and advisory services, and are committed to delivering quality work that meets our clients’ needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed in the competitive UAE market.

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Determining needed services

Determine if your business needs one or more of our professional services.


Quotation and Assessment

Fill the information required in the Quotation and Assessment form.


Schedule a meeting

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Solutions, fees and engagement

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What our clients said about us

Abdelhamid & Co keeps on top of what we’re doing within the business, so that [they] can help us make important decisions. Abdelhamid & Co explain the financial issues in language that we can understand!

CEO & MD. , Contracting company

I have never been disappointed in Abdelhamid & Co service. The staff are highly educated in accountancy and financial fields. I always receive a prompt response to any query. Also, they keep me up to date about FTA new regulations, which is very helpful.

Owner, Trading Company

The team at Abdelhamid & Co are extremely proactive and professional. They look after all my accounting and tax requirements so that I can concentrate on building and expanding my business.

Owner, Retail company

Abdelhamid and his team are utterly professional, informative, helpful and friendly. They are a great team who work together to provide us with sound professional advice on all our accounting issues.

Owner & Manager , Manufacturing Company

Our Mission is
Enhancing The Business World!

Our vision is to provide businesses with a high quality, unique and Differential professional services.

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Leveraging Tax Exemptions for Enhanced Corporate Tax Planning

Leveraging Tax Exemptions for Enhanced Corporate Tax Planning

Navigating the intricacies of corporate tax exemptions is a critical aspect of tax planning that can significantly enhance a company’s financial efficiency. In the UAE, the Corporate Tax regime outlines specific exemptions designed to mitigate double taxation and align with international tax standards, particularly concerning international transportation and activities of juridical persons. This article aims to unravel the complexities of leveraging these tax exemptions effectively for optimal corporate tax planning.

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Understanding the Taxation Nuances for Natural Persons in the UAE

Understanding the Taxation Nuances for Natural Persons in the UAE

The UAE’s corporate tax regime, while primarily targeting juridical entities, extends its reach to natural persons engaging in business activities within its borders. This inclusion ensures a level playing field and broadens the tax base, reflecting the UAE’s commitment to a fair and comprehensive tax system. Understanding the nuances of taxation for natural persons under this regime is crucial for compliance and strategic financial planning.

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Streamlining Corporate Tax Registration for Juridical Persons

Streamlining Corporate Tax Registration for Juridical Persons

In the United Arab Emirates, the introduction of Corporate Tax has necessitated juridical persons to navigate the complexities of tax registration with precision and efficiency. This process, pivotal to ensuring compliance with the new tax regime, involves understanding the scope of taxation, identifying the obligations, and meticulously following the registration process laid out by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). This article aims to shed light on streamlining the corporate tax registration process for juridical persons, ensuring they meet their legal obligations while optimizing their operational efficiency.

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