Vat Invoice Format

by | Apr 20, 2020 | English Topics, Uncategorized

The Vat invoice must contain the following;

  1. Word “Tax invoice”
  2. The name, address, and VAT Registration Number of the Registrant making the supply and of recipient.
  3. A sequential VAT Invoice number or a unique number which clearly identify of the VAT Invoice and the order of the VAT Invoice in any sequence of invoices.
  4. Date of issuing of VAT invoice.
  5. Description of the goods and services sold
  6. For each Good or Service, the unit price, the quantity or volume sold, the rate of vat and the amount payable expressed in AED.
  7. The amount of any discount offered.
  8. The gross amount payable expressed in AED.
  9. The amount of vat payable in AED with the rate of currency exchange if the sales is made other than AED.
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