External Audit

by | Apr 16, 2020 | English Topics, Uncategorized

The prominent features of this development are evident in the following brief definitions The American Accounting Association (AAA) point out that external audit is a systematic and objective process of obtaining and evaluating evidence concerning facts and economic events so as to verify the degree of conformity between those facts and the specific criteria and to communicate the results to users of information interested in the investigation. In this regard, the AAA have defined the external auditor as “a person or group of persons who preform auditing job on the condition that they have all the required auditing rules as related to the auditor himself including (professional training, professionalism, independence and exerting necessary professional efforts)”.

The main purpose for which the external audit is conducted includes the determination of the completeness and accuracy of the accounting records of the clients, to ensure that the records of the clients are prepared as per the accounting framework which is applicable to them and to ensure that  the financial statements of the clients present the true and fair results and the financial position.

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